WALT DISNEY ["Mickey Mouse']

by Jamison Williams



This is a discontinued album, of very limited quantities, available ONLY during the 'SLEEPING BEAUTY' tour; it is a rare private recording, made just days before the tour. These are considered, "trade in" releases, ones that can be traded in for the "Donald Duck" edition. Contact me to make arrangements.

"I dare anyone to say that the world of Disney hasn’t played a monumental role in determining their current life’s outcome, or even suggesting they [he, Walt Disney] didn’t have the slightest amount of impact and circumstantial influence in determining who you became; that shit is everywhere, and there is no way to avoid that amount of media, no matter how hard you try. I mean, I have actually seen fully licensed Disney products being sold at Dollar Stores, stores that sell products that are on the bottom rung of the purchasing ladder, shelving Disney coloring books, school supplies, and holiday decorations next to knock off bottles of Beyonce and Calvin Klein perfumes; that ultimately means the Disney corporation has found a way to produce, distribute, and sell their products at such an immeasurably low cost, that even when you are having to resort to purchasing products from a store where nothing is priced over one hundred cents, you still have the opportunity to buy their products without guilt of leaving your family starving and under nourished, because you can now also afford to stock the house with every variety of miscellaneous artifact from Disney’s newest titanic feature, Frozen (I’m not exaggerating when I say I have seen that film’s merchandise being hocked everywhere, and on everything: from bottled water to aspirin). What’s incredible is that has this been happening your entire life …incredibly. I don’t personally mind how overly saturated their marketing tactics are, and don’t have an agenda plotted against what they are doing, because that is America, and they have a purpose, a plan, and a goal: they want everyone to immediately and involuntarily react to newly released products, and with an insatiable urge, purchase every last drop of Mickey Mouse’s blood, sweat, and urine that they happen to squeeze out of that lovable little rodent, regardless of what product they happened to have their remarkably family friendly logo grafted upon, or the indirect consequence of their blanketed influence."


released May 3, 2015

Jamison Williams - solo soprano saxophone

Recorded by John Citrone
Produced / Edited by Vantage Bulletin


all rights reserved



Jamison Williams Jacksonville, Florida

Soprano saxophonist, coordinating [neu]Sonics Music Initiative, and opened +SoLo Gallery; "The more you are like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique." (Walt Disney)

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